Paper Choices

We have two stock classes of paper available Premium and Fine Art. All of our papers have an archival life of around 200 years.


Premium papers print exceptionally well and are less expensive than

Fine Art Papers which are generally 100% cotton heavy fine art papers, baryta (barium) style heavy photo papers and polycotton canvas.


If you have a preferred paper please ask we have have it in stock or can get it in for you. We occasionally have in stock other fine art digital papers including Somerset (British), Innova (British), Canson (French and the home of Arches), Hahnemühle (German) and Fabriano (Italian).

Lightfastness/Archival Properties

Our new SureColor series Epson printer uses the new Epson HD pigment based inks which has up to twice the permanence of previous Epson printers (which were already the accepted standard) with up to 200 years color and 400 years black and white print permanence rating.


Premium Papers

Enhanced Matte (premium paper)

One of our most popular papers, For artists and photographers seeking a flat matte surface, our 190 gsm Enhanced Matte Paper is the ideal choice. This bright white paper is perfect for images that do not require gloss. It yields highly saturated images, while maintaining excellent highlight and shadow detail. It's an excellent choice if you are looking for a non-reflective paper.

Premium Gloss 260 gsm (premium paper)

Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper offers the highest gloss level of any Epson resin coated photographic paper. Producing vivid life-like images that rival those of traditional silver halide prints, the ultra glossy finish, coupled with a 10 mil thickness and extremely wide color gamut, make this paper a favorite among discerning photographers. Its instant drying and non-cockling characteristics make use, handling, and display of the finished output trouble-free. It creates highly saturated prints by offering maximum ink coverage and high D-Max for true photographic reproductions.

Premium Lustre (premium paper)

Photographers have traditionally used and preferred a luster style paper for their photos. Our Premium Luster  Paper produces vivid, lifelike images that rival those of traditional silver halide prints (we think they are better and they last longer!). It's an 260 gsm (that's 10-mil) RC paper base with a luster “E” surface finish.

Fine Art Papers (from coarse to smooth)

Hahnemühle German Etch®

A 310 gsm 100% alpha cellulose paper is a mould-made etching paper featuring a distinct textured surface. With its premium matt inkjet coating German Etching meets the highest industry standards regarding density, colour gamut, colour graduation and image sharpness while preserving the special touch and feel of genuine art paper. I have been personally using this paper since the 90's and it has remained a favorite. It prints exceptionally rich velvety blacks.

Hahnemühle Photo Rag®

A 308 gsm 100% cotton rag paper with a slightly textured surface and one of our most popular papers. The fine, surface and feel of Photo Rag® make this paper very versatile and it is ideal for printing both black and white and colour photographs and art reproductions with impressive pictorial depth. This has also been the most widely used matte paper for fine art photographers for years.

Hahnemühle Bamboo

Doing our bit for the environment (I think) this 290 gsm has 90% Bamboo fibre and 10% Cotton content with a natural white finish. Bamboo represents spirituality, naturalness and resource-saving paper production. Particularly suitable for warm-toned colour and monochrome prints, Bamboo really highlights the sensuality of images.

Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Ultra Smooth

This 305 gsm, 100% Cotton paper has, as its name suggests an extra smooth surface people like it for two reasons, one  is the surface and the proven Photo Rag® quality, but with less texture and a brighter white point and two, it's one of the few Hahnemühle papers available in 60" (152 cm) width for stunning massive prints. It you want impact with your work think about a 60" x 80" print (1.5 x 2 meters or longer!).

Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Satin

One of our perennial staff favorites this 310 gsm, 100% Cotton satin-finish paper is unusual as it bestows fine art reproductions and photographs with a soft sheen. It renders mirror and gloss effects particularly well and the unprinted areas remain matt.

Hahnemühle FineArt Baryta

Baryta is a high-gloss paper that sets the benchmark for high colour depth, large colour gamut and image definition. This heavy 325 gsm, 100% αlpha-Cellulose bright white paper gives the "wow" factor particularly to black and white prints with extremely high density and finest grey tones. Using barium sulphate in the coating ensures the typical gloss that makes this paper a genuine replacement for traditional Baryta papers from analogue laboratories.

Matte Canvas

Our Exhibition Matte Polycotton Canvas 380gsm is heavyweight and has a pronounced weave pattern which makes this the ultimate fine art canvas. A high level of crack resistance means it can be stretched with confidence. It has an excellent color gamut and water resistant properties means that your print will have high impact and last for decades, centuries even.

Gloss Canvas

Exhibition Gloss Polycotton Canvas 390gsm a fine art canvas for photo printing and artists looking for a high impact gloss finish. The open weave pattern gives a uniform texture for a fantastic photo finish. A natural white color gives your images a neutral base and an excellent color gamut and amazing tonal range.

Other Papers and Substrates

We have a host of other papers, some in stock and some available for order including:

  • Innova Art papers (English)
  • Somerset Velvet (English)
  • Canson (Arches) (French)
  • Crane Museo (American)

Wallcoverings / Wallpaper

We have a lot of experience with PhotoTEX
which is a unique tear-proof fabric type material
that is ideal for either permanent or temporary wall covering. It's self adhesive and can be installed on many kinds of surfaces with the unique ability to be removed without damage to the wall and even reused if required.

In the USA one of our biggest installations was for Polly Apflebaum and Temple Contemporary in Philadelphia ( and recently in Dubai we designed and installed a wonderful piece at Friendship Cafe.

PDF Files for more information on PhotoTEX


We also have a limited range of:

  • Rice papers for Chine Collé printmaking
  • Heavy Silk Twill
  • Indian Dupion Silk
  • Belgian Linen


And we can Silk Screen gold, silver or any other strange color or coating you might desire onto a printed digital work - very cool.


Not Sure? try a proof

Want to try out your image or idea first? or maybe worried that it will not work at a larger size? or you just want to try out the papers. Then a proof is for you. You can choose any of the papers and we print an A4 size (or 8.5" x 11"). You can choose to print the entire image shrunk down to check for color or if you are worried how it will look at a bigger size we can print a relevant section at final size. More about proofs


Looking for something unusual like lenticular prints just call or e-mail.


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