Preserve your valuable memories before it's too late!

Auto corrected images at no extra charge (before and after)

The Problem

Piles of photographs sitting in drawers and boxes, slowly fading away until in a few years the quality of them will be seriously compromised.

You don't have the time or equipment or inclination to scan them yourself.

The Solution

Send them to us, we will scan them and send them to you electronically or put them on a USB drive. Then you can view them at your leisure on your Phone, tablet, computer or compatible TV.

*Put them on your cloud drive and know that they will be safe and secure for years to come and won't suffer from fading or damage associated with original photographs and you can share them with ease.


Send us your photographs sorted by size. Specify the scanning resolution you would like, either 300 or 600 dpi, and automatic correction (you get the original scan and a corrected version). We can also scan the back of the images if required.

If you have a LOT of photographs you can sort them by year and we will put them in seperate folders by year (min 25 images per year).

When we are done, 2 - 3 work days, we will send you the files electronically and / or put them on a USB Drive for you. You can then arrange to pick them up or we can deliver to you for additional cost.

How Much?

Special introductory prices

300 dhs for the first 500 images then 50 fils per image.

An image is one side of the photograph so if you want the backs scanned at the same time that is counted as 2 images. The auto-corrected version is included at no charge.

Delivery charge 35 dhs.


For a limited time

no charge for upgrade from 300 to 600 dpi

no charge for extra image auto-corrected


Wand to know more or send us your shoebox email call or WhatsApp 050 515 6610





For the technically inclined:


At 300 dpi the scans are approx 400 Kbytes each, at 600 dpi they are approx 5 Mbytes. 300 dpi scans are suitable for sharing on-line and printing about A5 size and 600 dpi scans are suitable for printing up to 30 x 45 cm (over A3).


* If you have iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive  we can put the files directly in your account, assuming you have enough space. Just share a folder with us and then un-share it when we have saved the files there.


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