For Artists (scanning/digitizing)

At last artists in the MENA region finally have a means to scan original art up to 1.5 meters wide or bigger.

We have two means of scanning, a large format flat bed scanner that can scan up to 50 x 75 cm (approx 20" x 30") and, unique in the region, a Betterlight scanning back system.

This amazing system, used by the top fine art studios in Europe and the U.S.A., uses a traditional 4 x 5 camera (ours is a Linhof) with a scanning back. This is mounted to a cabinet which rests on rails. The artwork is held on a wall mounted easel and lit by two banks of 900W HID lights.

Each scan take anywhere from 3 - 15 minutes and, if the art has a highly reflective surface like some oil paints, we can use cross polarization filters to remove the glare.

This system allows us to scan large works at very high resolution allowing for actual size (or smaller)

For the technical on larger works the files produced are over 500 Mbytes or the equivalent of over 250 Mpixels.

We also have a 36 Mpix Nikon camera (the highest pixel count camera Nikon make) for smaller works or for more economical scans and still life images.

For Photographers

Shooting digital? then simply bring in or send us your file, select a size and one of our fine art or premium papers and we will print it at whatever size you like. We can also soft proof on the spot if you have any concerns.

If you shoot film (old school cool) we can scan film media at very high resolution our Hasselblad/Imacon virtual drum scanner. This is not an automated process each scan is done by hand and evaluated with optional dust and spot removal.


This is where we are way different, if you are not sure how your print will turn out and don’t want to spend your hard earned money on a huge print only to find that it’s not how you like it you can make a proof.

Before you make your final print we can make an A4 print on your selected paper either of the whole thing for color or a section of the image at final size. You can check this out at home here before we make the final print. And we will only charge you 30 dhs for the proof.

Example of a proof for color and a section at final size below

Say you want a 30 x 40 print but are not sure of the color
then get a proof of the whole thing

Say you want a 30 x 40 of this but are not sure the resolution will hold up – then get a section at final size.

The Process

The process to make the finest quality print on the planet is pretty simple and can be broken down into two or three steps

Step 1 is image acquisition and that can be as simple as you sending or bringing us a digital file. If you shoot film we would have to scan the film media; if you have an original work of art you wish to reproduce that will have to be scanned or digitized (see below).

Step 2 Proofing, you choose the paper you like from our range of archival fine art and premium papers, you may want to check a proof to make sure that the file holds up at a certain size or if you are unsure how the colors (or greyscale) will print. This is an inexpensive way to make sure that it comes out the way you want it before committing to an expensive large print or an edition.

Step 3 the final fabulous print, the best and most archival print that money can buy. If you are making an edition we can keep an edition record for you at no cost and mark the print verso in pencil with the edition number and print information. We can also supply certificates of authenticity if requested.

Ryan Alexiev and Hank Willis Thomas. Breakfast of Champions

An A4 proof for COLOR
(whole image)

An A4 proof for SIZE

(section of the print at final size)

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