Toil and Tinker is a boutique print studio specializing in short run high quality work.




Fine Art Print and Scanning Service (see other pages here)


Digital Print

XEROX IRIDESSE Digital printer

Size: up to A3+
Color: CMYK Plus Gold, Silver, White and Spot UV (unique in the region)

Product: Business cards, brochure, catalogue, post cards and more


Digital Print/Plot

Roland Versacam

Size: Up to 60" (1.52m)

Color: C,M,Y,K,LC, LM, LK

Product: Vinyl Cut out, stickers, wall texts etc



Foiling machine

Size: image area up to A5

Color: Foils, including Gold Silver, Black, White, Clear and many more



Size: up to A3

Single color per pass, multiple pass option

Product: Low cost gritty, cool output on a variety of papers


Silk Screen

Size: Up to A2

Color: 5 screen / color setup possible. Gold Silver, White and any other color

Product: T-Shirts, specialty print on practically anything


Letter Press

We have both a AUTOVIC Letter Press and a proofing press



Perfect bind book making machine




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