now in Searsport, Maine

The equipment – the printmaker – the place

Rick has been making prints for artists, photographers, galleries and museums for longer than he would like to admit. Starting with the legendary IRIS 3047 back in 1996 and then exclusively with Epson’s – the acknowledged standard for archival museum quality prints. Just delivered to our print studio is the latest and greatest Epson SureColor P9570 up to 44″ wide by any length it produces stunning color and monochrome prints that will last for generations without fading or color shift.

Twelve pigment based inks now with Orange, Green and Violet inks and special gloss enhancers to pushes the color gamut further than anything before.

For artists we can also digitize or scan your work up to 4′ x 8′ (yes, feet) with our flat bed scanner and 240 Mpix camera to capture every detail and color nuance. Special hot lights specifically for capturing artwork can also be cross polarized to deal with troublesome reflections.

Our print studio is attached to our very own Motel, so you can come and stay, photograph or paint and we can make proof prints of the days work. We will be offering photographer and artist led workshops in the near future.

Here you will be able to check out prices, upload files, display your work (if you want to) and find out more about the process. Still working in the site, check back soon.

Philadephia, New York, Dubai and now we have moved to Searsport, Maine with the latest and best archival printer!

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