Papers and Pricing

Having been out of the country for several years and practicing our art in Dubai, we need to re-establish ourselves. There are two ways of doing that, one by being the best and secondly with very aggressive pricing. We are both – find a published price lower* than us and we will beat it by 10%, but we don’t think you can!

We have the following papers available in stock:

  • Moab Lasal 230 gsm / 11 mil – bright white smooth paper, inexpensive and prints well – around $1 a square ft.
  • Epson Hot Press Bright White 330 gsm / 16 mil – bright white smooth 100% cotton rag paper – around $10 a square ft
  • Epson Premium Lustre 260 a 240 gsm / 10 mil RC photo paper with a photographic look and feel – around $6 a square ft


  • Photo Matt Fibre 200 gsm / 11.8 mil – a warm toned paper with a little texture, prints almost identically to Photo Rag – around $7 a square ft
  • Photo Rag 100% cotton rag 308 gsm / 19 mil – one of the worlds most popular fine art paper a warm toned paper with a slight texture – around $16 a square foot.

Full price list at bottom of page:

We are a Hahnemuhle certified studio, one of only four north of New York and the only one in Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire (we are still listed in the UAE but working on the change now).

We print on a variety of papers from Hahnemuhle, Canson, Moab, Epson, Somerset and many others but our paper maker of choice is Hahnemuhle and our favorite is Photo Rag 308 gsm. This is a 100% cotton rag paper with a slight texture. Despite the fact that this is called “photo” rag it’s also a favorite amongst artists. It prints beautifully and I have seen more prints on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag in Museums than any other paper–that means something.

For the artist / photographer you have a dilemma, should you print on an expensive paper in the hope that your work sells or do you use a less expensive paper and not have the best look for your work?

We have the solution!

You proof print or print your exhibition prints on Hahnemuhle Photo Matt Fibre at about 1/3rd of the cost and then when your work sells print the finals on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag 308.

Framed the images will look pretty identical to each other and you have the additional prestige of stating that your works are printed on Hahnemuhle paper, one of the words standards for fine art prints.

Minimum order $25 – free shipping on orders over $100

Pricing by linear foot.

The paper we use comes in rolls of 44″ wide and we hate to waste paper, so the most economical way for you (and us) is to print by the linear foot. For example, if you wanted two 16 x 20 prints on Photo Rag 308 it would cost $36 x 2 = $72. If you buy by the linear foot you would have 16″ of paper by the linear foot and it would cost $62.67. So if you can think about your prints and how they would fit across a 44″ wide roll it could save you money.

*Prices of a similar product using an up-to-date pigment based printer


PhotoTEX™ is a peel & stick, multi-US patented, adhesive material made of 100% polyester fabric. Its dependable adhesive can be removed and reused multiple times without any alteration or damaged to the surface.  PhotoTEX textile does not shrink, curl, rip or wrinkle in any climate. PhotoTEX can be installed for a day or a decade and is easy to remove at your discretion. With careful removal it can be used again.

We have been using this for years for all kinds of projects from murals, to photo walls and for fun projects. It prints well and will not fade or change color.

This image was designed by Michelle O’Niel and has been installed in a nursery in Dubai