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Epson SureColor P9570

Epson’s most advanced wide-format printer yet — tackles photography and fine art printing with unmatched image quality, performance and archival qualities.

  • Print size from 8” x 10” to 44” x 64”
  • Can print on a variety of fine art papers up to
  • 1.5 mm thick
  • Face up output to prevent scuffing on dark colors


We stock Hahnemühle and Epson papers but we can print on a variety of other papers and canvas.

  • Hahnemühle and Epson fine art paper
  • Hahnemühle and Epson Photo paper.
  • Other papers available on-request including:
  • Innova Art, Canson, Arches, Museo and
  • Somerset.
  • We are a Hahnemühle Certified Print Studio


If none of the following makes any sense just send us your file and we will check it and advise.

FIle Formats

Raster image files can be sent in pretty much any bitmapped format. Photoshop PSD is preferred but TIF, and JPG are OK and we also accept any camera RAW format. Files should be in RGB format, CMYK files are accepted.

Color Space can be Greyscale, sRGB, Abobe RGB or Pro Photo and in 8 bit or 16 bit. We will print in the colorspace provided.
Resolution can be anything at or over 150 dpi at actual print size i.e 150 dpi @ 20 x 15”. We recommend 300 or 240 dpi for optimal quality but we have made many incredible prints from 150 dpi images.
Images captured from the internet may not be of sufficient quality to print and may be subject to copyright restrictions.

Vector files also can be in any format AI and EPS preferred. Again RGB is preferred with the same color spaces as specified above but CMYK is OK. We can print Pantone colors with 99 percent coverage of the PANTONE® FORMULA GUIDE solid-coated standard (according to Epson).

Files can be sent to us via our own Hightail site
or by WeTransfer or any other means to

Scanning, editing and retouching

We have four means of scanning, for old photo prints, flat artwork and film media.

Shoebox Scan

Bring us your shoebox of old prints and we can scan them with excellent quality and quickly. Photographs fade over time so save them before they get too old.

We can save in two resolutions either 300 or 600 dpi and we save them as originals and autocorrected for color. If the scanner detects anything on the back it will scan that too.
This is for bulk printed photographs up to 8 x 10.
The images are sent to you online and then we ship the originals back to you via 2nd day air with a tracking number.

Limited time offer, you ship photos to us and we ship back by 2nd day air up to 150 prints for $100 including shipping.

Flat Bed

Very high quality flat bed scans on one of the best flat bed scanners currently available. For original art or large format photographic prints. The originals are scanned individually and checked. They can be saved in 8 bit or 16 bit and your choice of color profiles.
Maximum is size 20 x 30” and we typically save at 300 – 600 dpi depending on the usage. We can scan at up to 1200 dpi but that would make a 5,184,000,000 byte file (over 5 Gbytes)
$25 up to 11 x 17”, $35 up to 20 x 30”

Large format art scans

We can scan original artwork in our studio up to 4 x 6 feet with a dedicated system specifically for scanning large artwork. We use special color corrected hot lights which can be cross polarized to eliminate glare and reflection when needed. Staggering quality and detail with our 240 Mpix camera.

Perfect for reproductions of originals or archiving.

$100 for first scan then $75 for subsequent
scans made at the same time.

Film scans

We have a Hasselblad/Imacon Virtual
Drum scanner which can scan 35 mm to 8 x 10”
Negatives, Transparencies or slides with excellent quality. The film is held by a magnetic carrier so there is nothing between the film and the scanning head.

Great for printing and archiving. We have printed many 40 x 60 images from these scans.

Single scans $25
Discounts for quantity

Editing / Retouching

We offer a full photo / art retouching and editing, service please call or email for details.