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Our Epson 9570 ready for unboxing

We opened Silicon Gallery in Philadelphia in 1993 – the first gallery in the world dedicated to digital art – which for us meant art created on or influenced by the computer. In 1996 for some crazy reason we decided that we would like to make prints for artists and photographers so we bought the legendary IRIS 3047 (it cost slightly more than the building we were in).

We opened a gallery and print studio in New York (DUMBO) in 1998 which closed in 2002 after the devastating effect 911 had on the arts community. Thankfully Philadelphia was not affected in the same way as New York.

After 20 odd years in Philadelphia we decided we needed a change, closed up shop and moved to Dubai where digitalprintmaker was born. We ran a print and image capture studio and curated a number of shows. We printed for the Crown Princes office, some of the most famous Middle Eastern artists, locals and ex-pats beginning their “art” journey and artists from all over the World; it was fun. Many of our artists were picked up by local galleries and were very successful (which made us happy).

After 5 years the glitz and glamour, sun and desert began to tell on us and we sought out a new adventure. For a complete change of pace we bought a small Motel and have been running it since May 10.

In August 2021 we took delivery on a new Epson 9570, the latest and greatest from Epson the ultimate printer for artists and photographers. With 12 ink colors including Green, Orange and Violet, a special gloss enhancer and and archival rating of 200 years this is the standard for museum quality prints.

For artists we also have a large flat bed scanner (the best one on the market) and a 240 Mpix camera for capturing large images up to 4′ x 8′.

Our studio opens officially in November 1st!

Stay tuned to this blog for tips and tricks from what we have learned in the last 30 years.

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